With EasyVein the vascular access has never been so immediate and simple. Infusions and sampling has to be guaranteed to any patient, expecially in pediatry and neonatology. The venous pattern of the patient can be easily detected even in particularly critical or difficult cases.

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Many strategies can lead to achieve a better quality of life. Innovative biomedical devices allow less invasive and more effective treatments. New generation production processes guarantee more healty products expecially for food industries.


InSono combines the university research with the "state of the art" know-how in optoelectronics and ultrasound in order to develop very innovative devices and systems.

InSono is a company which realizes biomedical devices as well as measure and processing instrumentation for industrial contests.

InSono is a company particularly devoted to reserch and innovation in the field of optoelectronic systems and ultrasound systems.

Clinical Study related to the advantages of EasyVein use

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InSono is glad to announce that a Clinical Study regarding the advantageous use of EasyVein in the geriatric cardiology field has been recently published. This study shows the benefits to use the NIR technique, and in particular the EasyVein device, for superficial venous accesses in difficult elderly patients, especially those affected by edemas, as revealed on the patients of a geriatric cardiology ICU. The article, published on the magazine “Aging…

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