InSono Mission

InSono is a company devoted to design, industrialize and deploy innovative medical devices in the market. The company is a SME that since its establishment has a multidisciplinary approach to the observation of the market and to the design of optimal solutions that improve the quality of life of anyone who is subjected to cures or to a diagnostic process. The strong scientific approach and the aperture to state of the art technology make the activities of the company particularly stimulating for anyone which is engaged.


Why working in InSono

InSono is a small rapidly growing company that deals with the entire production cycle, focusing particularly on design and certification activities. The small size of the company allow direct contact between each staff component reducing considerably the decision-making processes and ensuring maximum transfer of knowledge and competencies between the different roles. Working in a small manufacturer of medical devices company allows to acquire in short time the high skills that are generally present only in large industrial groups and consequently this implies a very fast professional growth.


How to contact us

In case you want to apply for a currently open job position or simply want to send us your CV, please contact us at



The following job positions are currently open:

Position 1: Mechanical Engineer

Type: Full-time

Job Brief
We are looking for a creative Mechanical Engineer to work on all product stages from research and development to design and manufacture, through testing and functional evaluations of the mechanical parts in the field. The goal is to design and fabricate mechanical components of innovation and excellence.


  • Perform a full lifecycle product development (design, develop, test prototypes, manufacture and implement)
  • Design of systems, components, parts, assemblies that meet specific requirements, needs, preferences
  • Produce outline designs and functional designs as well as the documentation of the product
  • Development of industrial processes for the internal or outsurced production of parts or assemblies
  • Support of the Quality Management Department in the evaluation of outsourced mechanical work
  • Evaluation of the quality perceived by the customer of the company products in terms of aesthetics, functionality, product durability, reliability, safety and evaluation of possible further corrective actions
  • Conduct experiments methodically, analyse data and interpret results
  • Identify, formulate and produce effective solutions to emerging problems
  • Alter and modify design to meet requirements and to eliminate malfunctions
  • Evaluate final product’s overall performance, reliability and safety
  • Estimate budget and scope of project
  • Solicit observations from operators
  • Engage in lifelong learning and develop new theories or methods


  • Proven experience of working in mechanical engineering
  • Hands-on experience with computer-aided engineering (CAM) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAE)
  • Familiarity with 2D or 3D engineering design and manufacturing tools (e.g., SolidWorks, AutoCAD, ProE or other)
  • Adequate knowledge of engineering analysis tools (ANSYS, ProMechanica or similar)
  • Working experience with product lifecycle management (PLM), finite element analysis (FEA) and eventually with computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Basic computer knowledge as well as mathematical computing and analysis tools knowledge (Matlab, Excel, LabView etc)
  • mathematical analysis tools (Matlab, Excel, LabView, etc.)
  • Solid understanding of the fundamental concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, materials science, etc.
  • Creativity and analytical skills
  • Ability to communicate technical knowledge in a clear and understandable manner
  • Technical writing skills
  • Preferentially certification of Industrial Design courses
  • Preferentially experience of molds design and prototyping
  • Test and evaluate theoretical designs
  •  Bachelor’s Degree and / or Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design


Position 2: Linux / Android Developer

Type: Full-time

Job Brief
We are looking for a Linux/Android developer who has a passion for the creation of embedded/mobile applications for frontier technologies and which will work with our team of engineers to design and build the next generation of our user software.
• Design and build advanced applications for the Android platform
• Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features
• Work with external libraries and API’s
• Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability
• Work on bug fixing and application performance improving
• Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency

• BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject
• Proven software development experience
• Proven working experience in Linux/Android development
• Publication of at least one original Android application
• Experience with Android SDK
• Experience working with remote data via REST and JSON
• Experience with libraries and third party APIs (Especially QT Embedded, OpenCV, OpenGL and similar)
• Knowledge of mobile / embedded landscape, architectures, trends and emerging technologies
• Solid understanding of the life cycle of mobile / embedded applications.



Position 3: Embedded Software Engineer

Type: Full-time

Job Brief
We are looking for a professional Embedded Software Engineer to execute complete embedded software development lifecycle. The goal is to create scalable and optimized software systems.

• Design and implement firmware/software of embedded devices and systems from requirements to production and commercial deployment
• Design, develop, code, test and debug system software
• Programming and Design Review
• Analyze and enhance efficiency, stability and scalability of the system resources
• Integrate and validate new product designs
• QMS support for the drafting of appropriate documentation
• Provide post-production support
• Interface with hardware design and development
• Assess third-party and open source software

• Proven working experience in software engineering
• BS/MD degree in Computer Science or Engineering
• Experience in hands-on development and troubleshooting on embedded targets systems
• Solid programming experience in C and C ++
• Solid programming experience in VHDL
• Proven experience in embedded systems design with preemptive, multitasking real-time operating systems
• Familiarity with the software configuration management tools, debugging tools, monitoring and review tools
• Excellent knowledge of the management and optimization of operating systems, coding techniques, driver development for interfaces and hardware subsystems
• Adequate knowledge of reading schematics and data sheets for components
• Strong documentation and writing skills