Company Info

InSono was born as a University of Florence Spin-Off. It realizes biomedical devices as well as measure and processing devices in industrial contexts.

InSono is a particularly devoted to research and to innovation in optoelectronics devices and ultrasonics systems. The company has been founded in the second half of 2011 by a small number of researchers of the “Electronics and Telecommunication Department” (today named “Information Engineering Department”) of the University of Florence and today it has engaged in the staff various skilled professionals for activities related to R&D, Product industrialization, Regualtory Issues and S&M.


InSono is located in Tuscany, within the Florence industrial district which comprehend some worldwide reference industries in biomedical device and pharmaceutical contexts as well as high-tech optoelectronics devices and other industrial sectors as, for example, Menarini, Esaote Biomedica, El.En. Group, G.E. (European Headquarter).


In its first activity years, InSono has constituted partnerships with various important industrial and research entities which has lead to the innovative device development based on the know-how of the company and the founders that have a pluridecennal university research experience.

In the last year, InSono has been inserted in the  “Start-Up Innovative Register” of the Italian Commerce Chamber.

At the end of year 2013 InSono has completed the Quality System certification according the ISO 9001 standards and only an year after it reach the ISO 13485 certification.