EasyVein VET


EasyVein VET is the veterinary version of the viewer for the superficial veins of InSono. EasyVein VET allows a simpler needle or agocannula insertion in the veterinary context reducing noticeably the attempt for such operations and therefore allowing more confort to our animal friends.

The specific processing software of EasyVein VET allows an optimization that guarantees the detection of superficial veins for many animals. It can detect venous vessels even when the hair is particularly dark and often without the need to remove it.

EasyVein VET has a visualization solution that is not based on the projection of visible light on the tissue investigated which would be difficult to read on a surface covered by fur and therefore permits a straightforward vein location which is simple to be interpreted.

As the device for the human context, through the use of a flexible arm support which is capable of maintaining in position the viewer, EasyVein VET allows a simple use even in conditions in which the operators are few or even in cases where the operation of agocannula or needle insertion is performed by a single person.

Here are some examples of usage of EasyVein VET on small animals in an operative veterinary environment.


Small White Cat


Small dark brown dog


Small white and light brown dog