InSono employes state if the art thechnology derived by universitary research activities carried out jointly with reference companies in the context of the food, chemical, petrochemical industries and in various appications regarding hydraulics.

InSono has conceived a ultrasonic flowmeters family (FlowSeries) which encases all the possible characteristics required by a flowmeter. Indeed it contains both devices that can be inserted in the hydraulic circuit (IntraFlow) and “clamp-on” flowmeters, i.e. flowmeters with ultrasonic probes to be positioned outside the pipes that can alo be moved to diferent measure point (Grip). The Grip family is coposed by portable devices (HandleGrip) and others conceived for a more stable use (SteadyGrip).

Both the Intraflow and Grip family can perform TOF (Time of Flight) and Doppler measures in order to reveal various flow parameters and they can also be connected toghether to create a measure network.



IntraFlow family – insertion flowmeters

The IntraFlow flowmeters are te optimal solution when it is necessary to monitor continously the flow parametrs in a specific point of the plant. The can ensure an higher precision and accuracy degree of the measure. The possibility to perform remote multiple measures in various point of the production plant lead to consider this solution optimal for a large set of process controll contexts. The family is composed by three different configurations:

    1. Time of Flight measure  – IntraFlow-TF  (soon available)
    2. Doppler Effect measure – IntraFlow-DE  (available)
    3. Combined approach – IntraFlow-AO   (soon available)

Downlaod the product brochure (PDF) »


SteadyGrip Family – stationary clamp-on flowmeters

This has to be considered the optimal solution when it is necessary to perform flow measures in different places in the plant at each time and when a continous monitoring of the flow parameters and the rheological status is not needed. Through variuos acoustic coupling solutions, also customizable for specific contexts, it is possible to ensure to perform flow measures in various point of the pipeline system with a single instrument to be easily moved any time the point of measure has to changed.

    1. Time of Flight measure  – SteadyGrip -TF  (soon available)
    2. Doppler Effect measure – SteadyGrip -DE  (available)
    3. Combined approach – SteadyGrip -AO   (soon available)

Downlaod the product  brochure (PDF) »


HandleGrip family (under development)

A prototipe of a portable device, which is battery powered, is currently available only in the AO version since it performs both ToF and Doppler flow measures. The clamp-on system has been devised to be easily positioned and removed.