High Power Ultrasound

The high power ultrasonic vibrations are used in different contexts for efficiency improving of various productive processes.

Innovative Application fields

    1. Food Industry
    2. Pharmaceutical Industry
    3. Chemical and etrochemical Industry
    4. Working and cutting of extra-hard stones and cristals.




Typical applicationof High Power ultrasound

    1. Viscosity reduction of fluids,
    2. Acceleration and deceleration  of specific chemical reactions (sonochemistry),
    3. Disinfection and sterilization of pipes and instrumentations,
    4. Efficiency increasing for sieving systems,
    5. Energy efficiency improving for homogenizers, emulsion and foam generatos, disruptors and separators.

InSono produces ultrasonic reactors and dedicated systems for each application and designes the acoustical devices as well as the excitation electronics for each application context.

InSono has also developed a strong experience in the context of the High Power Ultrasounds in Food industry in order to increase the final product quality, the production yield and the processes optimization for environmental pressure reduction as well as for management and/or maintenance costs.

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Innovative application of high power ultrasound in the extra-virgin oil production industry

Since the year 2011, InSono is directly involved in a research activity devoted to the extraction yeld improving and to the olive oil overall quality improvement through high power ultrasounds.

In particular, it is now under development an integrated system for extra virgin olive oil production that allows the maximization of the aromas and nutients transfer from the olive fruit to the finite product. An outstanding partnership with Univerisites and reference companies in this sector has permitted to identify the impact of such treatment on the conventional process leading to the solution in order to optimize it.